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: outdoor Bronzes
Martin Milmore
General John Glover

Milmore's John Glover on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston had been conserved previously, but the coating and underlying patina had begun to deteriorate. The lacquer coating was removed and replaced, patina repaired, and the sculpture given a new wax coating.

Jim Dine
Two Big Black Hearts

Jim Dine's Two Big Black Hearts at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum required patina repair carried in consultation with the Walla Walla Foundry. After patina repair, the entire sculpture was waxed and lightly buffed to achieve the original low lustre appearance.

Henry Wilson
Salada Tea Doors

These exceptional Gorham cast monumental bronze doors were made for the Salada Tea Company in Boston. All surfaces were cleaned, areas of patina damage repaired, and the entire surface waxed and buffed.

Ivette Compagnion
Domingo Faustino Sarmiento

The highly detailed surface of Compagnion's memorial to Sarmiento, the seventh President of Argentina and the supporter of public education, required meticulous patina repair followed by a protective coating.

Fernando Botero
Woman Reclining

As part of its annual care, this outdoor sculpture by Botero is washed, weep holes cleared, patina damage repaired, and the entire sculpture waxed and buffed. 

Giuseppi Moretti
Parson Main

Parson Main in Rochester, NH was repatinated and given a protective coating of lacquer and wax. A large plaque on the front of the tall granite base was also treated. The project won the New Hampshire State Preservation Alliance Award.

Herbert Adams
William Ellery Channing

The memorial to William Ellery Channing located in Boston Public Garden across the street from the Arlington Street Church was repatinated after thorough research of archives in the Boston Art Commission and the Boston Public Library. The surface then received a protective coating.

Thomas Ball
The Emancipation Group

The Emancipation Group was cleaned and the patina repaired. Here, an intial brush coat of protective lacquer is applied. After additional spray coats of lacquer, the bronze was waxed and buffed.

Anne Whitney
Leif Erikson

The sculpture of Leif Erikson on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston had suffered from isolated corrosion damage to the bronze due to lack of maintenance. The entire sculpture was cleaned, the patina was repaired, and the sculpture was given a protective coating of lacquer and wax.

Henry Moore
Three-Piece Reclining Figure/Draped

Moore's Three-Piece Reclining Figure/Draped on the campus of MIT required annual cleaning and minor patina repair. The entire piece was waxed and buffed to prevent damage from weather and pollution.

Jacques Lipchitz
Birth of the Muses

The bronze surface was pre-treated with an enzymatic digester to remove bird droppings and biogrowth. After a thorough wash, all areas were waxed and buffed to a high lustre.

Olin Levi Warner
William Lloyd Garrison

The William Lloyd Garrison Memorial on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston required major patina repair and a fresh protective coating. Our conservation team was happy to respond to questions from nearby residents and tourists.

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