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Scope of Services

Rika Smith Sculpture Conservation is a full-service art conservation practice, providing examination, treatment, and documentation of sculpture, artifacts, and architectural elements. Our clients include museums, artists, municipalities, government agencies, corporations, landscape architects, and private collectors. The firm has a special expertise in the care and treatment of public art.

RSM McKie,IbisAscending,2012,washing

Conservation Assessment and Treatment​

All employees have professional training in conservation and fine art. All projects abide by the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works' Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice, and the U.S. Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, and all treatments are fully documented in written and photographic form.
RSM DeCordova,Benton,DonutWith3Balls,DT4

On-Site Services

We provide on-site care for objects too large or fragile to be moved, including cleaning, repair, and preventive maintenance. We bring all equipment and supplies, lifts and/or scaffolding, and will train staff or other personnel as requested.
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RSM LynnBasa,prefab

Pre-Fabrication Conservation Reviews and Maintenance Plans for Public Art

Pre-Fabrication Conservation Reviews provide an exceptional opportunity to review artists' intent, materials, choices, fabrication techniques, and installation methods, as well as establish a clearly written long-term maintenance plan. 
Pre-Fabrication Conservation Review information and form >>
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Private Collections

We provide onsite consultation, examination, assessment and treatment of sculptures and other art objects in private collections. We treat all client information and inquiries with the utmost confidentiality. Conservation and preservation of your collection is our highest priority.
RSM MichaelGlier,TownGreen,Treatment


We offer consulting services on materials and fabrication, installation, written proposals for grant writing or bid requests, and responses to vandalism. Our expertise includes high-performance paint systems and graffiti removal.
RSM NancySimonds,Beacon of Color,handlin

Project Management

We provide focused and detailed project management services, with clear communications and adherence to timelines. We adapt to your needs, and work closely with key personnel from initial planning to successful completion.
RSM JohnAdams installation

Connections and Facilitation

We connect our clients with the best art fabricators and installers throughout the U.S., and facilitate re-installation after conservation treatment. We have long-term established relationships with art care providers and are happy to share them with you.
RSM TonySmith,ForMarjorie,DT2

Materials Analysis

We assess materials analyses needs (paint, corrosion, coatings, historic materials), take and prepare samples, facilitate scientific analysis, and help interpret the results.
RSM Wellesley,Auzoux

Surveys and Condition Assessments

We offer general and objects-specific condition surveys, providing information to establish treatment, storage, exhibition, and preventive care plans. We can adapt to most databases to give you immediate access to information.
RSM MeredithBergman,WomensMemorial,DT

Historic Bronze

We have extensive experience in historic outdoor monument preservation. Outdoor bronze treatments include cleaning, patina repair, protective coating, casting of replacement parts, and long-term maintenance plans. The firm also provides specifications and project oversight for historic ironwork, brass, zinc, and lacquered metals.
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