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The Pre-Fabrication Review includes the artist's and the commissioning agent's discussions of expected longevity. Pre-Fabrication Reviews should not be viewed as a way to "judge" the physical acceptability of a proposed artwork, but rather seen as a way to inform all involved in the process, and to discuss materials or methods improvement and future ongoing maintenance.


Pre-Fabrication Reviews are carried out for sculptures, public art integrated into buildings or other built environments, for paintings and murals, and electronic and time-based media art.


Pre-Fabrication Reviews are always carried out by a conservator and require collaboration with the artist, the fabricator, the administrator, and allied professionals such as landscape architects, structural engineers, or sound/media/light engineers. A Pre-Fabrication Review is the single most important preservation and long-term care document for a public work of art, and will save a significant amount of money by adjusting materials or installation methods that would require expensive treatment to correct.

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